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BeginningA NewChapter

The office of Dr. Mary F Holley MD is welcoming a new practitioner in the field of Naturopathy. Dr. Shirley Powell, Doctor of Naturopathy in Original Medicine is joining us to offer expanded services in the field of natural remedies for common problems. Have you ever walked into the vitamin section at Walmart and wondered what all those vitamins and combination products could do?

Have you logged on to the internet and come away even more confused than you were when you started? Or read some sales pitch for a wonder drug that would cure your fatigue, weight gain, or hair loss for only $599.99 per month?

A Personal Note

On a personal note, I have known many of you for years, and we have some catching up to do. Read about what I have been up to these past 8 years.

Before & After

Get a behind the scenes look at the building of Dr Holley's new offices. You'll be amazed by all the changes.

Before & After Pictures

New PatientIntake Forms

Complete your New Patient Intake Forms at home and either mail them in advance or bring them in when you come. It can take up to 30 minutes for us to type all of your information into our computer.